1.2 million students drop out of high school every year

A student drops out of high school every 29 seconds. That’s 1.2 million per year – or 6,000 a day.

1/4 high school students don't graduate on time

More than a quarter of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time.

2/3 jobs require college education

Over two thirds of new jobs being created require college education or advanced training. 

3 in 10 college freshmen repeat high school classes

Although 80 percent of tenth graders plan to earn a college degree, three in ten college freshmen have to repeat high school courses and nearly half fail to graduate.

65% of convicts are dropouts

Sixty five percent of U.S. convicts are dropouts. (Lack of education is one of the strongest predictors of criminal activity.) 

70% of 8th graders can't read at grade level

Seventy percent of 8th graders can’t read at their grade level – and most will never catch up.  

High school graduates don't have skills needed

The majority of employers and college professors say today’s high school graduates do not have the skills to succeed.  The majority of high school graduates say they regret not learning more in high school.

Jobs demand the same level of preparation as college

Jobs that pay enough to support a family but do not require a bachelor's degree now demand the same level of preparation as college.

Math teachers lack math-related degrees

More than a third of middle and high school math classes are taught by someone who lacks even a college minor in a math related field.

No increase in bachelor's degree attainment

Out of 24 countries, the U.S. was one of the only two that showed no increase in bachelor's degree attainment between 2000 and 2004.

States set low standards

25 million students attend school in states that have set proficiency standards for 4th grade reading below even the most basic level.

US ranked 19th in graduation rate

America’s high school graduation rate ranks 19th in the world. (Forty years ago, we were first.)