American Education Standards

Standards are a description of what ought to be taught, grade by grade, in order to prepare a student for graduation, for college, for the workplace … and for life.

Standards should be the same for all American students regardless of where they live, their family status or income. And they should be high enough to ensure that all students receive a solid grounding in subjects like math and English to become successful adults.

Our aim is not to “nationalize” the curriculum in each grade by having Washington officials dictate a lesson plan for every school in the country. States and local communities are responsible for educating students, and that must be respected. But it is essential that all American students learn the skills that prepare them for life.

We are not advocating one particular solution. There are many possible ways to arrive at agreement on American education standards, and we hope to encourage debate on how to reach that agreement.

Learn more about why every American student should master strong basic skills knowledge in subjects such as math and English:



I chair Strong American Schools and direct the ED in 08 campaign.

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