More Time and Support for Learning

We need to provide successful and struggling students alike more time for in-depth learning and greater personal attention.

We are expecting students to learn more than ever before so they can be better prepared for life. But learning takes time and it takes support. If we are going to demand more from our students, it is our obligation to give them what they need to succeed.

We are not simply calling for students to spend more time in school, adding hours and days that just offer more of the same. Instead, we should build on lessons from innovative schools that are revitalizing and rejuvenating education by providing richer instruction. Those lessons include:

  • Better instruction in the basics: Teachers in subjects like math, reading, science and history will have more time to answer students’ questions, explore topics in greater depth, and incorporate hands-on projects like science labs that require longer class periods. Teachers will be able to plan better lessons because they will have more time to work together to improve student learning.
  • Opportunities for enrichment: Students will have more time for art, music, drama, debate—activities that build confidence, challenge young minds, and teach skills beyond the academic curriculum. At the high school level, enrichment can include topics like college counseling and career exploration.
  • Personalized attention: Teachers will have more time to work with students one-on-one, and students will have more time to get tutoring and advice from adults when they need it. Those interactions also will build stronger, more supportive relationships between teachers and students—a factor proven to dramatically reduce dropout rates.

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I chair Strong American Schools and direct the ED in 08 campaign.

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