ED In The News


Schools Pinched in Hiring

There is a growing scarcity of qualified teachers because of NCLB requirements and changes in the labor market. (Washington Post)


Shake up the education debate

The Globe editorial board promotes ED in 08 and calls for a more extensive and more detailed debate on education. (Boston Globe)


County works retired teachers into school system (Prince George’s [MD] Gazette)

In Maryland, retired teachers mentor first-year teachers, offering moral support and updates on the latest in educational policy and teaching techniques. (Prince George’s Gazette)


Thousands of failing schools face major overhaul

Nationwide, about 2,300 schools are either in restructuring or are a year away; where schools have failed America’s students, new leadership offers new ideas. (Associated Press)


Teacher Turnover Costs Systems Millions, Study Projects

Low pay and the rigors of teaching contribute to attrition, but schools that tackle the problem can improve retention rates. (Washington Post)

Spotlight on Iowa