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County works retired teachers into school system (Prince George’s [MD] Gazette)

In Maryland, retired teachers mentor first-year teachers, offering moral support and updates on the latest in educational policy and teaching techniques. (Prince George’s Gazette)


Thousands of failing schools face major overhaul

Nationwide, about 2,300 schools are either in restructuring or are a year away; where schools have failed America’s students, new leadership offers new ideas. (Associated Press)


Teacher Turnover Costs Systems Millions, Study Projects

Low pay and the rigors of teaching contribute to attrition, but schools that tackle the problem can improve retention rates. (Washington Post)


In the real world – For dropouts: Jobs are fewer, paychecks are smaller

 In Mississippi, average earnings for a worker who has dropped out of high school are $16,966, and the prospects are getting worse.


Salary system luring faculty

Denver’s ProComp teacher performance pay plan is meant to attract teachers to difficult positions; initial results from the program are encouraging.  (The Denver Post)

Spotlight on Iowa