ED in 08 Off to California for Next Debate

We are taking ED in 08 out on the road again this week with a trip to Los Angeles for the first debate with the Republican presidential candidates.

We – you and I – have a real opportunity to make a mark on the California debate. Politico.com, a political news site that is cosponsoring the next debate, is inviting everyone to submit questions. They plan to pick questions from all those submitted to put to the candidates.

Here’s your chance to make it clear that education should be a top tier issue in this presidential campaign … and to ask your own question.

We don’t know how they plan to select the questions that will be asked, but the more we send in the more likely education questions are to be chosen. So send in a question to Politico.

Posted by Roy Romer at 04/30/2007 03:00:35 PM | 

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