ED in New Hampshire

June 4th marked the opening of our first campaign office in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Why are we in New Hampshire?

Opening this field office demonstrates the ED in 08 commitment to enlist people like you -- parents, teachers, business people, voters – in our campaign to get the presidential candidates to commit to true leadership in tackling the problems our schools face. We need everyone to get involved. We hope you will join us.

How can you get involved and show support? Easy.

Office Address

1195 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 13101
Email: [email protected]



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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events right now, please check back soon

In The News

  • 07.29.07

    Stemming the Summer Slide  

    To close the achievement gap before it opens, students at elementary schools in Montgomery County this summer get three hours of academics each morning and summer camp activities each afternoon. (The Washington Post)

  • 07.27.07

    The push is on to prepare kids for the high-tech age  

    American students are being overtaken in math, science, technology and engineering by students in other countries.  Minnesota is changing some of its public schools in response. (StarTribune.com)

  • 07.26.07

    Performance Pay  

    Performance pay for teachers appears to be gaining favor with federal lawmakers of all political stripes. (Education Week)

  • 07.25.07

    Program gives students a jump start  

    Project JumpStart is focused on addressing the achievement gap by retaining and improving academic skills during the summer months. (Lincoln Journal)

  • 07.24.07

    Editorial on Performance Pay(2)  

    Performance-based pay serves as an incentive for better work, makes salaries competitive and reflects the complexity of many teaching jobs. It's time has come in Wisconsin. (Wisconsin State Journal)